What Resources are you Burying?

Buried resources

I took a walk in the park today enjoying the glorious autumn sunshine.  I was not alone, the park was seemingly full of squirrels (so many in fact that I had to look up the collective noun – my favourite is definitely a scurry of squirrels!).  All of them were industriously dashing around burying nuts, saving them for when resources are scarce.

This got me thinking.  How many of those precious nuts are buried and never recovered?  How do those furry rodents know how to find them months into the future? And how are we like squirrels?

How many resources do we have that are buried? We all have skills and abilities that we have forgotten we possess, or maybe that we are denying we ever had.  These resources are there in our memory, but we just need to know where to look for them.

The next time you are struggling to complete a task, remember a time when you accomplished something with ease that you first believed would be difficult.  Notice how that shifts your attention from focusing on difficulty to possibility.  Or maybe you believe you lack self-confidence – remember a time you were confident in yourself and your abilities and notice how your emotional state changes.

So our memories are just like those squirrels’ nuts, we just need to remember where we left them and then enjoy them (really re-live them) in order to enjoy the benefits in the here and now.

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