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Mental wellbeing - 5 ways

5 ways to Mental Wellbeing

We all have a sense of when we feel mentally and physically well. But sometimes we need extra support or a gentle nudge to look after our mental wellbeing so that we keep well. The New Economics Foundation has assessed the latest scientific evidence and created a set of simple actions to improve mental wellbeing […]

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blog title - APROCESS

Goal Setting – A PROCESS

I work with individuals every day who want to…. Start something Stop something Want more of something Want less of something Want to develop new habits Want to give up old habits The possibilities and permutations are endless! What they all have in common is that they want to move from where they are now […]

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Bullet Journal Notebook

How to organise time: My journey into the Bullet Journal

  Analogue planning in a Digital Age – How I became a Bullet Journal junkie I’m a bad juggler (literally and metaphorically)!  Lots of different projects on the go at the same time with different priorities often leading to feelings of not knowing where to start or where to place my focus.  The result – […]

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imagineering success

Imagineering success

If there was a  way that would help you to achieve your goals more quickly, more of the time, would you be prepared to give it a go? Have you ever thought that setting goals for yourself if is a dull, uninspiring process that does nothing to boost your motivation? If you have answered “yes” to […]

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Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System – Use your Brain for a Change

Have you ever wondered why “lucky” people seem to attract opportunities and those who believe they are unlucky are never short of evidence to prove themselves right? One answer lies in how our brains work – and in particular the so-called reticular activating system.     And the good news is, once you understand how the […]

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Colouring books for adults

Adult Colouring Books – Really?

At some points in 2015 half the entries in the Amazon top 10 bestsellers list have been adult colouring books.  Marketed as the latest DIY mindfulness technique, they seem to have become more popular than most people would have thought possible.  And it’s true, any activity where attention is gently focussed on one thing will […]

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Acknowledge what you are already doing - launchpad

Acknowledge what you are already doing

How often do you acknowledge what you are already doing? Last week I spent an enjoyable day training aspiring coaches in London.  In preparing for the day I reviewed a large number of coaching models.  I was struck by what seemed to be a pattern – most of them focus on 2 areas: What do you […]

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The Masks We Wear (not just at Halloween!)

It’s nearly Halloween, the one time of year when it appears to be acceptable to wear masks in public.  But what if, in truth we were each wearing  invisible masks all of the time? The term personality is derived from the Latin word persona meaning a mask. Personality is the sum total of an individual’s habits, […]

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Autumn - letting go

Let go of Limiting Beliefs this Autumn

It’s a glorious Autumn day today.  Most of the trees are resplendent in their autumn livery – shades of red, gold and orange.  Offering one last “hurrah” before letting go of their leaves in preparation for the winter ahead. The leaves have served their purpose and are ready to be shed, there is no reason […]

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What Resources are you Burying?

I took a walk in the park today enjoying the glorious autumn sunshine.  I was not alone, the park was seemingly full of squirrels (so many in fact that I had to look up the collective noun – my favourite is definitely a scurry of squirrels!).  All of them were industriously dashing around burying nuts, […]

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