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Johari Window

Johari Window – Developing Self Awareness

One of the aims of coaching is always the development of greater self-awareness, improved self-management skills and increased self-efficacy in the client, so that they develop their own goals and solutions.  The Johari window is a useful tool for generating “aha” moments and for encouraging clients to push their boundaries. There is always an element that is known […]

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The Masks We Wear (not just at Halloween!)

It’s nearly Halloween, the one time of year when it appears to be acceptable to wear masks in public.  But what if, in truth we were each wearing  invisible masks all of the time? The term personality is derived from the Latin word persona meaning a mask. Personality is the sum total of an individual’s habits, […]

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Autumn - letting go

Let go of Limiting Beliefs this Autumn

It’s a glorious Autumn day today.  Most of the trees are resplendent in their autumn livery – shades of red, gold and orange.  Offering one last “hurrah” before letting go of their leaves in preparation for the winter ahead. The leaves have served their purpose and are ready to be shed, there is no reason […]

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What Resources are you Burying?

I took a walk in the park today enjoying the glorious autumn sunshine.  I was not alone, the park was seemingly full of squirrels (so many in fact that I had to look up the collective noun – my favourite is definitely a scurry of squirrels!).  All of them were industriously dashing around burying nuts, […]

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Interview Success – Practise Makes Perfect!

Sadly, it’s often not the best person for the job who gets it; it’s the person who performs best in the interview. So with competition for jobs increasing, how can you ensure that you are the one who performs best?  How can you plan for interview success? The first step is to PLAN.  There are […]

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fork in the road

Be the hero of your own Hero’s Journey

Can you remember your favourite fairy tale or story from your childhood? What was it about that story that made it special for you? How is that story relevant to you now? We asked these questions (and many more) on a recent course where we were looking at the hero’s journey as a coaching tool – […]

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The map is not the territory

The Map is Not the Territory

“The map is not the Territory” is one of a number of key principles (sometimes known as presuppositions) that underpin NLP.  Here we will look out how this simple statement can be used to unlock your personal power and potential. First – What does “the map is not the territory” mean? Korzybski was the first to […]

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Book Review: The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP

Philip Miller I have to admit to being a little sceptical about this one when I first saw it advertised – I’m not really a cartoon sort of person.  I’m happy to admit though that my fears were misplaced! This book provides an excellent introduction to NLP in a practical user-friendly way.  I used to […]

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Book Review: The Secrets of Being Happy

Dr Richard Bandler & Garner Thomson (2011) This is a book I have recommended to many clients.  It presents some of the key NLP principles in an easy-to-use and instantly applicable way.  This is a great book if you want to feel more positive about any aspect of your life. Rather than being a book […]

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