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watership down 2

Watership Down – A Hero’s Journey

Watership Down – more than just a story about rabbits! I was reminded this week with the announcement of the death of Richard Adams of one of the favourite books (and later films) of my childhood – Watership Down. Of course, I didn’t realise it at the time, but this is another story influenced by […]

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Colouring books for adults

Adult Colouring Books – Really?

At some points in 2015 half the entries in the Amazon top 10 bestsellers list have been adult colouring books.  Marketed as the latest DIY mindfulness technique, they seem to have become more popular than most people would have thought possible.  And it’s true, any activity where attention is gently focussed on one thing will […]

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Take the heat off yourself and have fun in the sun

So this week we have enjoyed the hottest July day on record – and I am concerned that the headline writers are seriously in danger of running out of adjectives to describe the scorching/sweltering/blistering temperatures.  I fear it is not just the train tracks that are in danger of melting as we all try to come up […]

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Do you live in Reality or Illusions?

As the journey through the Phantom Tollbooth continues, Milo is accompanied on his trip through the Forest of Sight by Alec Bings, the boy with the fate to have to look at things from the same perspective for his entire life because he was born with a grown-up outlook. They visit the twin cities of […]

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nothing happens

Wasting Time in the Doldrums?

Having spent the weekend on a workshop exploring metaphors in coaching, it is perhaps not surprising that I have been noticing even more metaphors than usual in clients’ language. This week’s theme seems to be a lack of movement – feeling stuck or “in the doldrums” combined with a lack of motivation – “just wasting […]

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Book Review: The Power of Myth

Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers 1988 This book is a real gem, a good introduction to the work of Joseph Campbell, a renowned scholar of mythology. The book takes the form of a conversation between Moyers and Campbell in which they discuss the common themes in myths from diverse eras and cultures.  They identify common […]

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