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Why Journal? Wise Words from Jim Rohn

I wouldn’t be without my journal – specifically my version of a Bullet Journal  (see my earlier blog post here – My Journey into the Bullet Journal.  So I was really pleased to come across this passage from the late, great Jim Rohn today which really spells out nicely the benefits of keeping a journal […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – Going Small is Good

Why do we have a tendency when setting New Year’s resolutions, to make them big and vague? Did you know that the word “Resolution” has its roots in the 14th Century.  In Old French it means “breaking into parts”, or from the Latin “resolutionem”, meaning the process of breaking things into simpler forms. This year, […]

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TOTE - going round in circles

TOTE: How to Stop yourself going round in circles

At the weekend, I spent an enjoyable day at the Silverstone Classic motor racing event.  We watched all manner of classic vehicles parading and racing around the track.  Watching the old formula 1 cars, it struck me how the race could represent a metaphor for life. How often do we find ourselves going faster and […]

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blog title - APROCESS

Goal Setting – A PROCESS

I work with individuals every day who want to…. Start something Stop something Want more of something Want less of something Want to develop new habits Want to give up old habits The possibilities and permutations are endless! What they all have in common is that they want to move from where they are now […]

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imagineering success

Imagineering success

If there was a  way that would help you to achieve your goals more quickly, more of the time, would you be prepared to give it a go? Have you ever thought that setting goals for yourself if is a dull, uninspiring process that does nothing to boost your motivation? If you have answered “yes” to […]

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Metaprogrammes: Achieving Goals and Avoiding Pitfalls

We all operate from a set of values.  What one individual regards as important may be very different to another.  Our values reveal themselves as patterns in what we say, how we say it and what we do. These intrinsic values (or drivers) are often referred to as metaprogrammes. Understanding what motivates ourselves and others (and […]

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Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System – Use your Brain for a Change

Have you ever wondered why “lucky” people seem to attract opportunities and those who believe they are unlucky are never short of evidence to prove themselves right? One answer lies in how our brains work – and in particular the so-called reticular activating system.     And the good news is, once you understand how the […]

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Acknowledge what you are already doing - launchpad

Acknowledge what you are already doing

How often do you acknowledge what you are already doing? Last week I spent an enjoyable day training aspiring coaches in London.  In preparing for the day I reviewed a large number of coaching models.  I was struck by what seemed to be a pattern – most of them focus on 2 areas: What do you […]

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Set Goals (Not Resolutions) This New Year

It’s the time of year that many of us look ahead and set New Year’s resolutions – but honestly, how often do we succeed in keeping to them? More importantly – why not? The answer may lie in the dictionary – according to the Oxford Dictionary a “resolution” is a firm decision to do or […]

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