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limiting belief

Is a Limiting Belief Holding You Back?

Have you had a goal for some time but don’t seem to be making any progress towards achieving it? Maybe you feel like you are lacking motivation? The reason for the lack of movement may be a belief issue – in particular, a limiting belief. Beliefs can be so strong that they impact upon our […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – Going Small is Good

Why do we have a tendency when setting New Year’s resolutions, to make them big and vague? Did you know that the word “Resolution” has its roots in the 14th Century.  In Old French it means “breaking into parts”, or from the Latin “resolutionem”, meaning the process of breaking things into simpler forms. This year, […]

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Creativity - I can't do that

I can’t do that …

I have always thought of myself as not being a particularly visual person, I always found visualising things and picturing goals a real challenge I told my self  – “I can’t do that” – ask me what it feels like though, and that’s a different matter. The slight contradiction is that ever since I was […]

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Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System – Use your Brain for a Change

Have you ever wondered why “lucky” people seem to attract opportunities and those who believe they are unlucky are never short of evidence to prove themselves right? One answer lies in how our brains work – and in particular the so-called reticular activating system.     And the good news is, once you understand how the […]

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Star Wars

Star Wars – The Hero’s Journey

Star Wars is inescapable at the moment, with the latest instalment finally arriving at cinemas this week.  With nearly 40 years having elapsed since the original film, why does it remain as popular as ever? I suggest that the answer to this question lies in the fact that it follows the classic path of the hero’s […]

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Autumn - letting go

Let go of Limiting Beliefs this Autumn

It’s a glorious Autumn day today.  Most of the trees are resplendent in their autumn livery – shades of red, gold and orange.  Offering one last “hurrah” before letting go of their leaves in preparation for the winter ahead. The leaves have served their purpose and are ready to be shed, there is no reason […]

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Take the heat off yourself and have fun in the sun

So this week we have enjoyed the hottest July day on record – and I am concerned that the headline writers are seriously in danger of running out of adjectives to describe the scorching/sweltering/blistering temperatures.  I fear it is not just the train tracks that are in danger of melting as we all try to come up […]

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Mind and Body – A Beautiful You

UK consumers spent a staggering £8.9 billion on beauty and personal care products in 2013, excluding services such as hairdressing and spa treatments.  These products are designed to make us look good on the outside, sometimes with the added by-product of making us feel good too. But are we getting the best value for our […]

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