Coach yourself Colouring Pages

colouring pencils

Unleash your creativity as you relax whilst colouring.  Each page has a coaching theme – as you start to colour, be curious about what new thoughts, insights and ideas will surface.

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Free Resources

Here are some free coaching resources for you to download.  Some will help you to prepare for a coaching session, others will help you gain clarity for yourself, or maybe just contain some useful information.


Look for the Good

look for the good I have blogged in the past about the brain’s reticular activating system (see here)

I wrote about training yourself to look for opportunities rather than programming yourself only to notice what is going wrong, or not as you expected).  I am often asked for practical ways to go about this.

One way is to start a log – sometimes called a gratitude log.  At the end of each day write down at least one positive thing about the day – something to be grateful for.  It could be something general and external – like a beautiful sunset, or more specific like a conversation with a friend.  It really doesn’t matter what – the point is that by setting the intention to notice those positive things it will very quickly become a habit and before you know it, you will be appreciating good things that were probably always there, but which you never noticed.

To help this habit – I created a journal template that can be used to record a whole month of positive “noticings” – there’s even scope for some colouring in!

Feel free to download the uncoloured version and use for yourself (please don’t re-post or distribute without crediting

Download Look for the Good

Wheel of life

Resources - Coaching Wheel

Sometimes life seems such a muddle that it is difficult to know where to start to make changes.  This simple exercise enables you to start to unravel the confusion and gain a new perspective on where to begin.

Download Wheel of Life


Resources - Pre-coaching Questionnaire

 Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire consisting of 4 questions we ask new clients to complete before their first session.

You may find it helpful to complete one for yourself if you are contemplating Life Coaching so that you can clarify your own objectives.

Download Questionnaire

Resources - Deciding Where to Start

Deciding where to start

Very often clients who come for coaching know that they want change in their lives but are uncertain what form they want the change to take.

This simple exercise is a useful way to begin to get specific about what it is you want. Just fill in each of the boxes with as much information as you can, then sit back and review the whole thing.  Now the aim is clearer you can start to take action.

Download Form

Resources - Tips for Mental Health & WellbeingTips for Mental Health and Wellbeing

An informative newsletter dealing with stress, the causes of stress and tips for dealing with excessive pressures.

Download Tips

Resources - What is NLP?What is NLP?

3 simple explanations of the 3 components of NLP and how applying them could benefit you.

Download Powerpoint