Remember to Relax

relaxing frogI am often asked by clients for advice on how to relax.  In asking this question they are revealing a belief that they don’t already know how to do it for themselves.

The truth is we all know how to relax, we all fall asleep at night and we are all capable of daydreaming– we are unconsciously competent.  In order to be able to relax when whenever we choose we need to become conscious of our innate ability.

One of my favourite ways to choose to relax is to recall a time when I was relaxed.  For me this is to remember a warm late spring day sitting in a bluebell wood, seeing the electric blue of the bluebells with the sun shining through the leafy canopy of the trees above.  I remember the sounds of the birds in the trees and as the picture becomes even clearer I can smell the heady aroma of the bluebells.  I am sitting on a fallen log, feeling a sense of tranquillity washing through my body and I have a sense that all is well.

The interesting thing about accessing a memory like this is that we can remember the pictures and the sounds and recreate them in our head, but in order to recreate a feeling, we actually have to experience it now.

Try this out for yourself

  1. Sit comfortably with both feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your thighs.
  2. Close your eyes and think of one of the most relaxing moments that you’ve ever experienced.
  3. As you think about this wonderful moment, try to make the experience even more vivid by bringing to mind any other sensations, such as accompanying pleasant sounds and smells, the feel and texture of things around you, and most importantly the positive emotions that come from remembering this situation.
  4. Imagine yourself there, once again fully experiencing this place.  Spend as long as you like remembering that relaxing moment.
  5. Enjoy feeling those same sensation of relaxation now

This is a phenomena used in all manner of self-hypnosis, guided visualistation and meditation practise.

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