I can’t do that …

I have always thought of myself as not being a particularly visual person, I always found visualising things and picturing goals a real challenge I told my self  – “I can’t do that” – ask me what it feels like though, and that’s a different matter.

Creativity - I can't do thatThe slight contradiction is that ever since I was very young I’ve enjoyed all sorts of arts and crafts – but what they all had in common was following a pattern or set of instructions – the joy was in the process of creating something, even if it was not an “original”.  Creating something myself from scratch was always something I believed I couldn’t do – “I can’t do that” became – “I can’t do that and I’ll never be able to”.

As a trainer, I enjoy creating visual aids for students – embellishing flipcharts with illustrations and doodles – but even these have usually been copied from elsewhere.  Nevertheless, I persevered for the satisfaction of seeing the end result, and the positive comments from students.  But I still believed I was not creative.Flipchart - I can't do that

Then something strange happened, a friend asked me to create some flipcharts for a training session he was preparing.  My desire to assist was strong enough to overcome the self-doubt so I plunged wholeheartedly into the project.  He had a clear idea of what he wanted, and I could picture it too – so clearly in fact that I was able to produce the images from my own imagination, rather than having to search for something to reproduce.  I surprised myself by drawing a pretty passable elephant from my imagination – so I must be able to visualise things after all!

So that’s it – proof that I am creative, and that I can visualise results.  The only thing stopping me had been the belief that I wasn’t.  Now I had evidence to the contrary, the old “I can’t do that” belief no longer had a leg to stand on.

Where in your life are you holding yourself back with limiting beliefs like “I can’t do that?”  Perhaps, like me, you just need a reason to do it, and then you’ll have the evidence that you can.



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