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Coach Yourself Colouring Pages

coach yourself colouring pages

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I’ve been producing these colouring pages for myself for ages – but so many people have suggested I make them more widely available that I though it was high time I gave in to the pressure!

So here they are – click on the shop below to be taken to my Etsy store from where you can instantly download the image you would like in a JPEG format to print out as many times as you like. They are A5 in size because that’s the size I like – I want them to be intricate, and with the added benefit of being small enough to slip into the front of a notebook and carry in my handbag. If you prefer your colouring pages bigger and less fiddly, why not enlarge them to A4 size. Grab some coloured pens or pencils – and ENJOY!

How did it start?

I started by colouring in one of the now popular adult colouring books and very soon started to find myself doodling in a more creative way – eventually filling pages with the patterns.

As a hypnotherapist and someone who enjoys meditation – I recognised the trance state that doodling and colouring induces. I also knew how accessing the right brain in this way could enable a powerfully creative state to develop.

So I started experimenting – I would write a favourite saying, quotation or NLP presupposition on the page first and then doodle around it. Whilst doodling (and it also works if you are just colouring) I would focus on what I was doing whilst being mindful of the words. I was absolutely astonished by the flow of ideas and fresh insights that resulted.

Suggestions to get the most out of your colouring pages

Before you begin I suggest you read the words to yourself a few times and consider what meaning they have to you.

Then, as you start to colour, be curious about what new thoughts, insights and ideas will surface.
You might like to keep something to write on handy to note down any ideas or thoughts that come to mind so you can ponder some more later.

When you have finished, take a step back and admire your work – focus on the words again and notice what they mean to you now.

And of course, be sure to HAVE FUN!

Did you know?

  1. Carl Jung often gave his clients mandalas to colour to help them become calmer and less anxious?
  2. Colouring uses both sides of the brain?
  3. Colouring takes you back to stress-free childhood times?
  4. Colouring produces a meditative state?
  5. Colouring relaxes you and helps you focus on the present moment
  6. Colouring helps to spark creativity by accessing that part of your brain?


Choose your design and start colouring!

Each design contains a different coaching message…