Provocative Change Works

Provocative Change Works (PCW) is a conversational approach for transforming “stuck state thinking” to create new, long lasting and measurable possibilities.

PCW can be applied in a coaching, business or personal development context. PCW works as a problem solving process empowering clients to create their own conclusions for themselves.

Developed by Nick Kemp – more information on PCW can be found on his website here 


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How it Works

Provocative Change Works is a conversational process which enables clients to get out of stuck states and into more fluid and creative problem solving states.  This is combined with some elements of indirect hypnosis and metaphor exploration.  Solutions are “time framed” in order to create a new and compelling future.

The process stimulates new ways of thinking and feeling to generate new, more helpful behaviours.  Resistance to change is explored as well as the metaphors used to describe the problem.

PCW sessions are both fun and effective.  The objective is always to enable the client to find their own solutions as a result of developing the new, useful state.

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