Life coaching can make a differenceOne-to-one Life Coaching Sessions

When we work with you, our only goal is for you to reach your goal.  We will support you when support is needed and push you when some gentle pushing is required.

We know that deciding to hire a coach can be a hard decision, that is why we are always happy to have a preliminary discussion so that you can be sure life coaching is right for you.  We will explain the process, how we work, and get a little information about what you are hoping to get from your life coaching.  We will then be able to recommend the best approach for you and give you an indication of how many sessions you are likely to require to achieve the results you want.  It doesn’t happen often, but if we don’t think life coaching is appropriate for you, we will suggest a different approach.

During this first discussion we will also be gauging how motivated you are to change – because change does take effort and responsibility, we will support and encourage you and help you to take a different perspective, but you will be the one making the change.  There is a saying “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had” – how prepared are you to start approaching things differently?

After the preliminary discussion we will arrange your first life coaching session.  During this session you will gain clarity around your goal, what has been stopping you have it already and have some clear actions to start the process of getting what you want.  For some clients, one session is enough, they leave the session motivated and clear about the actions they need to take.  Others will need additional sessions – we will always agree these with you, giving you a clear idea of what the goal of each session will be.

Life coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, via skype or over the telephone, we will discuss the full range of options available during our preliminary conversation.

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