Phobias –  Coaching to Overcome Fears

Many people have Phobias – whether they have a fear of heights, of getting on an aeroplane, become anxious when dogs are around, or creepy crawlies, or even when they think of a past partner!

The dictionary definition of phobia is ” an irrational, excessive and persistent fear of some particular thing or situation “. Phobias can lead people to experience extreme distress, hyperventilation and panic attacks.  The fear of losing control in this way can cause sufferers to go to extreme lengths to avoid being exposed to the stimulus.  This can prevent them enjoying  many pleasurable activities, going to particular places or being in specific situations. This can be very upsetting and can effect home, family and work life.

Because phobias are by definition irrational, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to think your way out of them.  The phobia comes from your unconscious mind, and so does the solution.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)  has a number of powerful tools and techniques for helping clients to overcome phobias which we have used with great success for many years.

This package is for you if you have a phobia which you want to put behind you.

Tony Nutley has a long history of helping clients overcome these conditions , FAST!

This package consists of 2 sessions.

Overcoming phobias

Package cost: £150 plus vat

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