Kick Start Your Life

Developing Direction and Purpose

Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut? Want to change but are not sure what to do?

If this is you, then our Kick Start Your Life coaching package is exactly what you need.

This 3 session package combining coaching and NLP is designed to create focus,
motivation and give you a clear sense of direction and purpose.

This is a truly holistic package which starts with an “audit” of your current situation – what is working and what could be better.  We will help you to identify goals (short term as well as longer term) and agree with you the areas to focus attention upon in order to really kick start your life.

We will explore all aspects of your goal in order to identify the resources you have, and those you may need to develop – this may include:

  • Your environment – is there something that needs to be changed?
  • Your behaviours – is there something that you are doing that is holding you back, or do you need to create the habits of success.
  • Your skills and capabilities – are you using them to their full potential?  are there other skills or capabilities it would be useful for you to develop?
  • Your beliefs – Do you have empowering or limiting beliefs?
  • Your values – what is important to you?  What really motivates you?
  • Your identity – How do you see yourself?
  • Your purpose – What is the “goal beyond the goal”?

Kick start your life


Package Cost: £225 plus VAT

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