Insomnia – Overcoming Sleeping Difficulties

Insomnia can take many forms.  This package combining coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to address the issue whether you have difficulty getting off to sleep, wake up frequently in the night or wake up earlier than you want to but have trouble getting back to sleep.

Please note – we will ask you whether you have already contacted your GP to discuss possible medical causes for your insomnia. This package is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical diagnosis.

This package consists of 4 sessions.  Between sessions you will be tasked to use the techniques you are taught in each session as well as maintaining a sleep diary to record progress.  The programme will be adjusted to match your specific needs, but generally follows the template below:

Preparation – 2 weeks prior to the first session you will be given a sleep diary to complete and bring with you to the session.

Session 1 – We will review your sleep diary and look at the pattern of your insomnia,  We will identify triggers and look at any environmental factors.   We will discuss circadian rhythms and homeostasis as well as starting to examine thoughts and beliefs about sleep.

Session 2 – Review of changes made since previous session.  What are your beliefs and values around sleep?  Re-framing negative sleep thoughts. You will learn some powerful relaxation techniques.

Session 3 – Hypnotherapy session

Session 4 – Review.  Envisioning the future.  Setting a sleep anchor

Insomnia - strategies for sleeping well


Package Cost £275 plus VAT

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