Boost Your Performance

Getting into “The Zone”

This coaching package uses tried and tested coaching and NLP techniques used to enable sports people and performers of all types to really believe in themselves and create and maintain the perfect state for optimum performance.

This 3 session package will teach you how to anchor the perfect performance state, generate confidence and self belief, and visualise success.

We will work with you to model what optimum performance means to you.  We will help you to design the perfect state for you – maybe it’s confidence, with a sprinkling of relaxation; or maybe it’s complete focus.  We will show you how to summon this state whenever you need it – INSTANTLY.

We will also look at the mind-set of success.  What beliefs do you need to have in order to perform at your best?  We will uncover any limiting beliefs and help you to minimise them so that they no longer get in your way or hold you back.

Finally we will teach you some simple mental rehearsal and visualisation techniques so that you can imagineer success for yourself in the future.

Boost your performance

Package cost: £225 plus VAT

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