Coaching packages - tailored to specific needs

Coaching Packages

All our coaching is client centred, focusing on the needs of each individual.  Over the years though, we have found that clients often present with similar aims & challenges and the path to resolution follows a similar course so we have designed a series of coaching packages.

For this reason we have designed a series of coaching packages for addressing specific issues.  Each of the packages incorporate a combination of coaching and other tried and tested techniques.

All  coaching packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs, but the links below will give you a clear indication of what you can expect and how many sessions are likely to be required.

Insomnia – overcoming sleeping difficulties

Kick Start Your Life – developing direction & purpose

Interview Readiness – prepare yourself for success

Boost Your Performance – getting into “The Zone”

Speaking Confidently – public speaking, networking and presentations

Anxiety Buster – stop worrying and start living

Phobias – banish irrational fears

Confidence Booster – develop your self-confidence and step out of the shadows