Coach Yourself – Be Your Own Coach

Some people prefer the idea of developing their own resources in a learning environment rather than in the context of a one-to-one coaching session.

As well as being coaches we are also trainers experienced in helping students to develop new knowledge and skills.

This is a complete personal development course taught over six sessions (evenings).

Completion of the course will equip you with a complete toolkit to coach yourself to set and achieve goals, remove limitations and motivate yourself to succeed.

You will be part of a small group, guided by an experienced trainer.  The course is highly practical enabling you to define and work on your goals as the course progresses.

The training, together with a comprehensive manual will provide you with valuable resources for your future success.

Highlights of the course are:

Session 1 – Effective goal setting – no more failed resolutions!

Session 2 – Developing your vision – what is the goal beyond the goal and developing your will to succeed

Session 3 – Beliefs and self-esteem – developing empowering beliefs and overcoming limiting beliefs

Session 4 – Motivation – understanding what motivates you (and what doesn’t!)

Session 5 – A new perspective on other people – communicating effectively and dealing with conflict

Session 6 – Performance booster – visualising success and managing your state

Coach yourself - reach new heights

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