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Wasting Time in the Doldrums?

Having spent the weekend on a workshop exploring metaphors in coaching, it is perhaps not surprising that I have been noticing even more metaphors than usual in clients’ language. This week’s theme seems to be a lack of movement – feeling stuck or “in the doldrums” combined with a lack of motivation – “just wasting […]

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Remember to BE HAPPY NOW

With the festive season over, cold temperatures and dark evenings, many people I know are complaining of feeling low or unmotivated. I am often asked by clients for advice on how to change their state – from a low mood to a more positive, motivated one, or maybe just to “be happy”. In asking this […]

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fork in the road

Be the hero of your own Hero’s Journey

Can you remember your favourite fairy tale or story from your childhood? What was it about that story that made it special for you? How is that story relevant to you now? We asked these questions (and many more) on a recent course where we were looking at the hero’s journey as a coaching tool – […]

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The map is not the territory

The Map is Not the Territory

“The map is not the Territory” is one of a number of key principles (sometimes known as presuppositions) that underpin NLP.  Here we will look out how this simple statement can be used to unlock your personal power and potential. First – What does “the map is not the territory” mean? Korzybski was the first to […]

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relaxing frog

Remember to Relax

I am often asked by clients for advice on how to relax.  In asking this question they are revealing a belief that they don’t already know how to do it for themselves. The truth is we all know how to relax, we all fall asleep at night and we are all capable of daydreaming– we […]

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