Book Review: Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes

William Bridges

 I have recommended this book to many clients.  In particularly those going through any sort of change or upheaval in their life (even apparently positive changes).

This very practical book takes you through the 3 stages of any effective transition.  First there must be an ending, then a neutral zone, followed by a new beginning.  Packed with common sense and clear examples of why change is difficult when we seek to embark on a new beginning without having first let go of our attachment to how things used to be.

Particularly reassuring are the chapters dealing with the “Neutral zone” – that feeling of sadness that often goes hand in hand with major change as we give up the familiar and embrace the new and unfamiliar. 

I would describe this as an essential guide to coping with change whether job losses, new jobs, new relationships and relationship break-ups or moving house – the applications are almost limitless.

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