Book Review: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman (1961) 

This story is based on the life of the author, a world champion athlete.  I have seen Dan Millman speak several times and he resolutely refuses to say which parts are fact and which are fiction!

The Dan of the story (a promising college gymnast) is trained and guided by a wise old warrior named Socrates.  The book is full of wisdom for living a more fulfilled life and overcoming adversity.  It is hard to narrow it down to a single message, but here are some of the key messages I took from the book:

 Nothing in your outer world will make you happy – happiness comes from within.

  • Wisdom comes from doing (there is a difference between knowing and doing)
  • The only time that matters is right now – yesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist.  All stress and fear exists in the past or the future – live in the moment!
  • Clear your mind of everything you don’t need – doubt, past failures, future victories

The book is a classic, the story is good and the wisdom timeless.  It is particularly useful if you are going through challenging times or concerned about the future.

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