Book Review: The Journeys of Socrates

The Journeys of SocratesThe Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman

This is another book that I’ve read many times and it never fails to inspire.

It tells the story of Socrates, the service station attendant in Way of the Peaceful Warrior from his childhood at a military academy in Russia to the time he left for the United States.

The book charts Socrates development from an angry youth, to a bitter man driven by guilt and a desire for vengeance until he eventually grows into the peaceful warrior. As Socrates is taught by a series of remarkable teachers, so we learn.

“Here and now…breathe and relax…in battle and in life”

But this book is not just a collection of life lessons – it is also a good read, full of adventure, not a little violence and some romance. At times it will make you laugh and at others cry.

“Your past does not have to determine your future – yet you carry your history like a bag of stones slung over your shoulders”

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good adventure story and who is interested in personal growth and transformation.

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