Book Review: The Barefoot Indian

Julia Heywood

I’ve lost count of the number of copies of this book I’ve bought, it’s one of those books that I always seem to be recommending and lending out!

This is a short book which centres around a female character who has clearly emerged from the same mould as Bridget Jones.  With her life going nowhere she responds to a job advertisement for a Messiah/Messiahress.  The advertisement goes on to say: “Due to an increase in demand of people wanting to know the meaning of life, the above position is now available.  For the right candidate, your role will be very varied and at times challenging but the rewards are significantly high”.

Our heroine is selected for the Messiahress training programme and is assigned the barefoot Indian as her training coach.  During the training that follows, she develops a new perspective on her life and the world around her, her old beliefs are challenged and she learns to see the beauty in all that surrounds her.

The book is a parable not unlike Jonathan Livingstone Seagull or The Alchemist but given a much lighter, more humourous treatment.

Definitely for you if you want to read an uplifting story in one sitting!

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