Creativity - I can't do that

I can’t do that …

I have always thought of myself as not being a particularly visual person, I always found visualising things and picturing goals a real challenge I told my self  – “I can’t do that” – ask me what it feels like though, and that’s a different matter. The slight contradiction is that ever since I was […]

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Motivation and negative political messages

Motivation and Negative Political Messages

With less than a week to go to the EU Referendum, a significant proportion of the electorate still profess to being “undecided”.  That is to say – the logical, rational, thinking part of them has yet to make a decision.  In fact, they may already have unconsciously decided. According to Daniel Kahneman, the Psychologist and […]

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Habits and Tying up Cats

At this week’s NLP Practice Group, habits were a theme.  Whether they were habits of getting into a particular state, or behaviours that we no longer wished to do. What these habits have in common is that they were all created for a reason – the first time we did it, it was to get […]

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Easter gift

Indulge your Creativity – An Easter Gift

As many of you will know – I’ve been exercising my right brain by doing a lot of doodling lately.  It really is amazing how many great ideas come to mind when you are in a creativity trance!  This is currently my favourite way to take time out and relax. Here’s the latest – a […]

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imagineering success

Imagineering success

If there was a  way that would help you to achieve your goals more quickly, more of the time, would you be prepared to give it a go? Have you ever thought that setting goals for yourself if is a dull, uninspiring process that does nothing to boost your motivation? If you have answered “yes” to […]

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Metaprogrammes: Achieving Goals and Avoiding Pitfalls

We all operate from a set of values.  What one individual regards as important may be very different to another.  Our values reveal themselves as patterns in what we say, how we say it and what we do. These intrinsic values (or drivers) are often referred to as metaprogrammes. Understanding what motivates ourselves and others (and […]

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amygdala hijack

Amygdala Hijack – Don’t panic

We have all had the experience of doing or saying something “in the heat of the moment” and then, when we had time to think about it, regretting it or wishing we hadn’t reacted in such a way.   You may be reassured to know that it is completely normal to respond in this reflex […]

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Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System – Use your Brain for a Change

Have you ever wondered why “lucky” people seem to attract opportunities and those who believe they are unlucky are never short of evidence to prove themselves right? One answer lies in how our brains work – and in particular the so-called reticular activating system.     And the good news is, once you understand how the […]

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Colouring books for adults

Adult Colouring Books – Really?

At some points in 2015 half the entries in the Amazon top 10 bestsellers list have been adult colouring books.  Marketed as the latest DIY mindfulness technique, they seem to have become more popular than most people would have thought possible.  And it’s true, any activity where attention is gently focussed on one thing will […]

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